Plastic Machining and Plastic Prototypes With Engineering Assistance From Experts-The Solution

Machining Plastic is the perfect solution for many varied component needs in numerous critical industries however, most engineers may not have the necessary knowledge.

Many of the brightest, most talented engineers do not have the knowledge required in order to know what material is best for a component or plastic prototype need. Simply the reason being that until recently, plastic machining was not taught in engineering schools. Currently the presence of plastic machining courses is limited to only a small number of schools. In order to select the proper material, contact a plastic machining expert for design application assistance.

Design considerations when machining plastic are unique to plastic.  One with experience machining metal for example, would not be aware of these specifications.  When ordering plastic machined components or plastic prototypes, the following considerations are evaluated:

  • Thermosensitivity
  • Sensitivity to humidity and hygroscopic absorption
  • Sensitivity to chemicals and oils
  • Notch sensitive corners and square ID’s
  • Tolerances
  • High loads
  • High impact
  • Fatigue loading or cycle loading
  • Temperature
  • Electrical considerations
  • Wear resistance or abrasion resistance
  • Dimensional shape retention
  • Regulatory requirements (such as FDA or UL)
  • Appearance
  • Optical requirements
  • Whether or not part is for outdoor use

A plastic machining expert has the knowledge and expertise to help you select the best material for plastic machined parts and plastic prototypes according to the necessary specifications and considerations.

At EPP Corporation we provide design application, engineering, and purchasing assistant to all customers for both plastic machining production and fast plastic prototypes.

We also have an online plastic design as a free, excellent resource that compares different materials based on above criteria, as well as comparing the plastic materials side by side

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