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America’s premier plastic machining supplier manufactures high precision custom plastic machined parts specializing in the instrumentation, aerospace, medical, fluid handling, semiconductors, and military industries

Capabilities: fast plastic prototypes, CNC milling, CNC lathe, plastic screw machining, custom plastic manifolds

“EPP is our TOP supplier for plastic machining needs. Response time and customer service are impeccable! Pam, Joe and Ned are professionals and it shows in everything they do…!”

Materials Manager, Aerospace manufacturer

Leading The Industry In Manufacturing Delivery Needs

Engineered Plastic Products has not just responded to current manufacturing delivery needs, we lead in it by actively working with each and every customer to ensure they will receive their parts exactly when they need them…every time.

We offer several delivery solutions to suit any size business’s needs. Over the years we have developed unique Just In Time delivery solutions so our clients eliminate the need to stock large inventories. We offer larger, blanket orders at a discount then arrange with our customers flexible releases that allow overhead to remain low and dramatically reduce storage needs.

Why worry about your inventory with discreet orders? We handle all of the administrative work with processing your releases, quality assurance, as well as storage, maintenance, and delivery.

Why We Stand Out:

  • Offer certified supplier status
  • Blanket orders with releases for 12 full months of not worrying about your parts
  • Reduced leads times and flexible releases
  • JIT/Kanban to work within our client’s internal systems

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