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America’s premier plastic machining supplier manufactures high precision custom plastic machined parts specializing in the instrumentation, aerospace, medical, fluid handling, semiconductors, and military industries

Capabilities: fast plastic prototypes, CNC milling, CNC lathe, plastic screw machining, custom plastic manifolds

“EPP is our TOP supplier for plastic machining needs. Response time and customer service are impeccable! Pam, Joe and Ned are professionals and it shows in everything they do…!”

Materials Manager, Aerospace manufacturer

Description & Properties of NYLATRON

NYLATRON offers a suite of different nylon based grades to best suit your design application. Like nylon itself, Nylatron is not moisture resistant. However depending on the grade you choose they have multiple properties that are very useful in multiple purposes. Typically this material is available in black, natural, and filled with various componds.

Grades of Nylatron:

  • NYLATRON GS (MOLY-LUBE) -The best properties of 6/6 nylon white combined with lubricant designed for improved mechanical and thermal properties. The added lubricity adds to the component service life making it a cost efficient choice for parts not easily replaced
  • NYLATRON GSM (MOLY-LUBE) – Load bearing capabilities are enhanced by particles of molybdenum. It still keeps it’s impact resistance inherent to nylon. Grey in color.
  • NYLATRON GSM BLUE (OIL,MOLY)- Blue nylon which is oil filled, it excels in higher pressures and low speeds. Offers lowest “slip-stick” of any nylon product.
  • NYLATRON NSM (SOLID-LUBE) – Cast solid with lubricant additives provide the best self lubricating, high pressure and velocity. Great for demanding design applications in larger components

Common Plastic Parts Made From NYLATRON

  • NYLATRON GS (MOLY-LUBE) – washers, bearings, custom parts
  • NYLATRON GSM (MOLY-LUBE) – gears, sheaves, sprockets, custom parts
  • NYLATRON GSM BLUE (OIL,MOLY) – slide parts, thrust washers, bearings
  • NYLATRON NSM (SOLID-LUBE) – larger parts, gears, sprockets, custom parts

Featured Industries That Utilize NYLATRON