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America’s premier plastic machining supplier manufactures high precision custom plastic machined parts specializing in the instrumentation, aerospace, medical, fluid handling, semiconductors, and military industries

Capabilities: fast plastic prototypes, CNC milling, CNC lathe, plastic screw machining, custom plastic manifolds

“EPP is our TOP supplier for plastic machining needs. Response time and customer service are impeccable! Pam, Joe and Ned are professionals and it shows in everything they do…!”

Materials Manager, Aerospace manufacturer

Description & Properties of MACOR MG CERAMIC

MACOR MG CERAMIC is a name brand material composed of 55% fluorophlogopite  mica and 45% borosilicate glass. It is a white porcelain-like in appearance and has no odor.

  • Has a continuous use temperature up to 800° C
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion is comparable to most metals and sealing glasses
  • Has zero porosity and will not deform
  • Excellent insulator at high voltages

Common Plastic Parts Made From MACOR MG CERAMIC

  • Vacuum environments
  • microwave spacers
  • headers
  • Aerospace components
  • Welding nozzles
  • Radiation exposed parts
  • Fixtures
  • Medical equipment parts

Featured Industries That Utilize MACOR MG CERAMIC