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America’s premier plastic machining supplier manufactures high precision custom plastic machined parts specializing in the instrumentation, aerospace, medical, fluid handling, semiconductors, and military industries

Capabilities: fast plastic prototypes, CNC milling, CNC lathe, plastic screw machining, custom plastic manifolds

“EPP is our TOP supplier for plastic machining needs. Response time and customer service are impeccable! Pam, Joe and Ned are professionals and it shows in everything they do…!”

Materials Manager, Aerospace manufacturer

Description & Properties of CPVC

Many people know of PVC; but what is CPVC? CPVC is related to PVC, and are similar in a few ways, but should not be used interchangeably. CPVC is altered by a chlorination reaction that increases the chlorine content of the material.

This change to the material allows it to withstand a wider range of temperatures. Where PVC has a limit of 140° F, the CPVC can withstand temperatures up to 200° F allowing for a wider range of field applications.

  • Typically comes in a light grey color
  • Suitable for hot water applications
  • Cost for CPVC is more that regular PVC, but still cost effective overall
  • We advise to check our free plastics handbook to check for specific chemical comparability
  • Along with PVC, CPVC is susceptible to stress cracking
  • Good Insulation properties
  • Lightweight
  • Good resistance to corrosion and deposits
  • Material is widely available in large selection of sizes to offer more design possibilities
  • Chlorine and chloramine resistance

Common Plastic Parts Made From CPVC

  • Fittings
  • Suitable for many industrial and processing applications
  • Hot and cold water applications
  • O-rings
  • Bushings
  • Bearings
  • Guide blocks

Featured Industries That Utilize CPVC