Plastic Machining: Stay Domestic for Your Custom Plastic Machined Parts Needs

While the trend has been to outsource production, and to purchase from overseas companies as a cost cutting mechanism, is purchasing from a foreign firm the right move for a company in need of custom machined plastic components?

The simple answer to this question is…NO

If components are ordered from a foreign firm, the move can be far more costly than doing business with a domestic plastic machining specialist. At EPP Corporation, we serve and specialize in custom plastic machined parts for critical industries such as the aerospace, medical, instrumentation, fluid power, and military industries, the highest precision is required. These critical industries cannot use custom plastic components that do not meet strict specifications. By purchasing overseas, the risk of purchasing from a plastic machining company without certification, as well as not being able to have an open line of communication alone are huge risks. Errors would garner components useless, and replacement plastic machined parts would take long to be reordered and received (10-16 weeks on average), hindering the possibility of meeting deadlines, as well as no guarantee that the proper materials and processes are being utilized. The additional risk of items being damaged through their long transport to your doorstep, can be costly both to the pocket book, as well as creating vast time constraints. Companies often seek domestic firms to correct the errors of overseas vendors after having been put into a time crunch.

That being said, selecting the best domestic plastic machining company does require some due diligence. Not all plastic machining vendors are equipped to offer all parts. Others may not be able to give you the best prices
The following guidelines can help you locate a fully-qualified, cost effective plastic machining specialist:

At EPP Corp we pride ourselves in the value proposition of combining the highest quality, competitive cost, and fast, on-time delivery. EPP is also here to provide its customers assistance throughout the purchasing and engineering processes of our custom plastic components. From the simplest to the most complex component or plastic prototype, EPP assures high precision plastic machining and on-time delivery (2-3 week turnarounds, as well as one week or less delivery for short-run, quick-turn custom plastic prototypes).

Stay domestic, and choose the best, EPP Corporation


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