Plastic Machining: Fast Plastic Prototypes or Production Plastic Machining-The Guidelines

When in need of plastic machined components, how should one decide whether place a fast plastic prototypes or production plastic machining order?

In order to make a decision, lets discuss the two different ordering methods from EPP Corporation.

Plastic Prototypes
Typically the greatest advantage of utilizing our plastic prototypes capability is to receive your components fast. We are able to turn around fully functional plastic prototypes in one week or less.  Typically of course the need for a plastic prototype would be to have a test piece.  Rather than receiving a prototype that is simply created as an example to simply display a design, our plastic prototypes are fully functional.  Having plastic prototypes that are fully functional leads to even faster new product development.  You will receive your plastic prototypes fast and have them ready for use.  All plastic materials are available for prototypes, as of course is the case for our production plastic machining service.  Tolerances on our fast plastic prototypes are as tight as +/- .001″, and simple or complex 3D designs are welcomed.  Free material application engineering is also available for customers of our plastic prototypes.

Production Plastic Machining
At EPP Corporation we are experts in plastic machining.  All plastic machined components are produced on equipment that solely machines plastic components, eliminating any potential contamination that occurs when machining metal and plastic on the same equipment.  Our capabilities for our plastic machining production service are cnc milling, cnc lathe, screw machining, and custom plastic manifolds.  We guarantee 100% quality dock to stock, and utilize a proven, efficient and cost saving supply chain management system, as well as highly efficient six sigma production processes.  Orders are delivered 3 days early due to our efficient supply chain method.  We also provide customers with FREE design application assistance, and FREE material selection engineering on plastic machining orders.    We provide the highest quality, competitive costs,  fast delivery, and exceptional customer service.

Typically the plastic prototypes service is best for either ordering a prototype, or a small quantity component that is needed in a hurry.  Speed is of the essence with fast plastic prototyping with a turn around time of up to 1 week.  The plastic prototyping method is best in order to speed up new product development efforts.

On the other hand our plastic machining production service can be utilized for quantities large and small, and garners the full benefits of our proven supply chain management system.  With a typical turnaround time of 2-3 weeks, our plastic machining service will still ensure that plastic machined components are delivered to exceed customer deadlines.

Whether you need production plastic machining or plastic prototypes quickly, EPP Corporation is here for your custom plastic part needs.

plastic prototypes vs plastic machining

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