Plastic Machining:Plastic Prototypes In Under A Week-The Solution To Quickly Perfect Design

Quick plastic prototypes can save a company the trouble of having a flawed part being ordered.  When design changes are thought up, the risk of a piece not performing to specifications and requirements can come into play.  Factors hindering performance may have been overlooked, and if a plastic part is ordered in a large quantity prior to testing, a company may be stuck with a large expense.  A plastic machined component perfected according to design can be useless if a fault lies in the design.   What if a time crunch comes into play? What potential solution is there?

Fast plastic prototyping would be that solution.  If plastic machined prototypes can be obtained in under a week, any crisis can be averted.  Ordering fast plastic prototypes can potentially save a company from disaster, while meeting the strictest time constraints.  Obtaining a fast plastic prototype will allow research and development teams to verify that a design submitted to a plastic machining vendor will perform. The quicker a plastic machined prototype is received, the faster the design is tested, and ultimately the faster a new product can be manufactured and hit the market.  Don’t be uncertain, make sure new design changes are tested.

A plastic machining expert should be contacted for plastic machined prototypes, assuring that plastic prototypes precisely match design requirements.  A streamlined vendor with an efficient supply chain management system will be able to produce high precision plastic prototypes to meet the strictest of time constraints.

Plastic Prototypes

EPP Corporation has a proven supply chain system that guarantees the highest precision and efficiency.  For short-run, quick-turn custom plastic prototypes with delivery in one week or less contact EPP

· Plastic prototypes in one week or less
· Highest quality on tolerances up to +/- .001″
· Both simple & complex 3D parts are welcome
· Free application engineering available

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