Plastic Machining:Eliminate High Administrative Costs Through Supply Chain Management

A plastic machining vendor with a proven supply chain system can save company the time and money associated with the constant placing of reoccurring orders. Certain plastic machined parts will be required on a repetitive basis, and why not focus on innovation instead?

The typical practice in ordering plastic machined parts is as follows:

The first cost associated with this practice is the cost of soliciting the quote and the analysis of the information. The admin time to issue the quote, phone, fax or email the plastic machined part request and collect the numbers can range from $15-50 per part depending on the company’s overhead which can result in a total cost of $45-150 to solicit three bids. The cost is multiplied by the number of times per year, which can be 2-3 times. That is $135-450 annual cost per part before an order is placed.

Instead when all reoccurring plastic machined component orders are placed at once using EPP’s proven supply chain management system, these additional costs are not necessary.  Place an order once per year on reoccurring plastic machined part needs, and save the time, as of course time is money.  Base your orders on previous historical custom plastic machined part usage, and if increases or decreases to plastic machined component needs do occur, give us at least 90 days in order to adjust the quantities to meet your changed quantity requirements.

In order to drive business, the focus needs to be on new product development, and going to market fast with the new products.  The focus can then be shifted to ordering plastic prototypes of components for new projects.  As time is of the essence in beating the competition, EPP offers its solution for fast plastic prototypes.  Have plastic prototypes machined in, and delivered in under a week.

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