Plastic Machining: The Importance of Contaminant-Free Parts

Is cleanliness important in regards to plastic machining?

Yes, contaminant-free components will provide with the best form, fit, and performance

Specifically in chromatography, or other applications that may be used for in the medical industry, or for FDA approved uses, having clean, contaminant-free parts is essential.

To assure that plastic components are in fact contaminant free, the solution is to have parts machined in a plastics only facility, such as EPP Corporation provides.  Many companies feel as though any machine house is capable of manufacturing contaminant free parts, or are unaware of the complications associated with using a metal machining vendor, for example.

If a metal machinist manufactures your plastic machined parts, oil based cutting fluids used in metal machining can contaminate plastics, as many plastic materials are sensitive to petroleum leading to the part’s degradation.  A great deal of plastic materials have hydroscopic properties that lead to these oils being absorbed. Metal residue is also a danger.  Residue is often left over on machines from previous jobs,and embeds itself in the plastic parts.  Specifically, a softer plastic material is susceptible t0 this form of contamination.

Assure that your plastic machined parts are contaminant free, and use a plastics only vendor.

At Engineered Plastic Products, our components are manufactured in a clean, plastics only environment by plastic machining experts.

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