Plastic Machining:Plastic Prototypes Vendors, How To Select The Best

Guidelines For Selecting The Perfect Plastic Machining Vendor For Custom Prototypes

When selecting the right vendor for plastic prototypes, the process is similar to selecting the right plastic machining production vendor.  However, a greater emphasis on speed while maintaining the same quality of a production plastic machined component.  Of course, a great advantage is present for companies that get innovations to market fastest.  The goals of new product development are to create a revolutionary product, improve upon an existing product, or often to stay ahead of the competition.  Receiving FULLY FUNCTIONAL plastic prototypes fast will allow a company to reach and exceed those goals.

The following guidelines can help you locate a fully-qualified, cost effective plastic machining vendor for all your plastic machined components:

  1. Material Knowledge
  2. Purchasing Practices
  3. Equipment
  4. Quality and Price
  5. Looking For the Best

Focusing on plastic prototypes, here are the guidelines to follow to select the best plastic machining vendor for the job:

  1. Plastic prototypes produced and delivered in under a week
  2. Plastic prototypes are fully functional
  3. Highest quality for the tightest tolerances  (up to +/- .001″)
  4. Vendor capable of simple and complex designs
  5. Free application engineering

Not all plastic machining vendors are created equal, and capabilities may very depending on vendor.  Few plastic machining vendors are capable of turning around FULLY FUNCTIONAL plastic prototypes in under a week.  Plastic machining vendors should also provide contaminant free plastic machined components and plastic prototypes.  Speed, the highest quality, and full functionality are key in plastic prototyping for new products.  R&D budgets may have taken months to be approved, don’t delay production.

Contaminant free plastic prototypes is under a week, produced on plastic only equipment.  FULLY FUNCTIONAL from plastic machining experts EPP Corporation.  The ISO Certified experts in plastic machining to the critical instrumentation, medical, aerospace, fluid power, and medical industries at EPP are here for your plastic machining and fast plastic prototype needs.

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