Plastic Machining: Plastic Prototypes and Plastic Machining-Save Money and Time When Innovating

Fast Plastic Machined Prototypes as a Quick, Inexpensive Solution

In the new product development process, teams are faced with two roadblocks: cost and time. Specifically in a down economy a business needs to be innovative in order to stand out from the competition.

The initial frustration for research & development teams is cost. Valuable projects are put on hold because R&D budgets cannot cover the expensive introductory costs of new tooling and initial manufacturing of new designs. In today’s economic environment, corporate cost cutting is needed to help companies survive the recession. While the cost cutting is crucial, revenues must also increase as a means of beating the competition.  Of course new product development is required to do so, but it needs to be cost effective.   If projects have plastic components, then the cost of tooling can be a huge obstacle.  Tooling and molds can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  The solution: have the plastic parts machined. Prototypes as well as the first few years of production quantities can be produced for a fraction of the cost.  While molding requires full commitment to a part’s design, design changes to plastic machined parts cost absolutely nothing.

Time is of the essence regardless of industry. After costs are sorted out and the decision to use plastic machining has been made, time becomes the largest constraint.  That is where fast plastic prototyping comes into play. EPP Corporation is capable of short-run, quick-turn Custom Plastic Prototypes with delivery in one week or less.  The plastic machined prototypes are of the highest quality on tolerances up to +/- .001″.  Simple or complex 3D parts are welcomed for fast plastic prototyping, and free application engineering is available.
Don’t time and cost from preventing innovation.  Stand out from the competition through new product development. Save time and money by machining plastic components, and have your plastic prototypes delivered in under a week.

Contact EPP Corporation now to see how plastic machining and plastic prototypes can help your new product hit the market and put your company ahead of the game!


  • Ray

    I got your information on sensor expo.

    We would like to know more about your equipments for plastic machining, including the capabilities and price etc.

    We mainly make sensors for automotive and we use quite a few plastic parts.


    Ray Zhang

    • admin

      Our capabilities at EPP are CNC milling, CNC turning, screw machining, plastic prototypes, and plastic manifolds. We are a custom plastic machining manufacturer, so prices would be based on the actual part you are looking for. Feel free to send us drawings for quote at

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