Plastic Machining: How To Save On Plastic Machined Parts-Eliminate Inspection Costs Through Supply Chain Management

Can a Plastic Machining Specialist eliminate the need for expensive plastic machined parts inspection processes?

Yes, a plastic machining expert with a proven supply chain management system eliminates the need to inspect incoming plastic machined components.  The incoming plastic machining parts inspection process of course incurs additional costs.  The inspection department ordinarily inspects each shipment received however, that is where a proven supply chain management from an ISO certified plastic machining expert comes in.  With a traditional plastic machining purchase method, inspectors are needed.  Quality inspectors are well-paid professionals and each inspection can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours depending on the complexity of the plastic machined part.  Assuming that a normal plastic machined part takes about an hour, an average cost could run $80-100 per part.  Add to that cost the time the plastic machined components are in inventory waiting to be inspected, resulting in the plastic machined components incurring inventory costs by sitting on the shelves, since the wait can be a day to over a week.  That represents additional working capital wasted.  A proven supply chain management and ISO Certification can eliminate these additional costs on plastic machining orders.

At EPP Corporation, all plastic machined parts are manufactured with strict quality standards guided by ISO procedures, SPC, and customer inspection protocol to ensure all critical dimensions are addressed.  Along with the promise of dock to stock quality, the customer has the choice of receiving first article inspection reports, sample inspection reports, and certificates of material compliance for every release. This eliminates cost of incoming inspection by the customer.  By eliminating inspection costs on plastic machining orders substantial savings will be achieved throughout initial and repeat plastic machined component orders.

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