Plastic Machining: In a Time Crunch? – The Solution

Fully Functional Plastic Prototypes In Under A Week Are The Answer

Throughout the R&D process delays are expected.  Projects are often put on hold for months, only for a deadline to another project quickly approach.  At EPP Corporation, our delivery dates are typically 2-3 weeks from order date on production plastic machining orders however, what if you need parts sooner?

The solution is to utilize EPP Corporation’s fast plastic machined prototype service. Plastic prototypes will arrive to your dock in under a week. Our custom plastic prototypes our fully functional, saving the time and trouble involved in simply ordering a prototype for only form and fit.  Any flaw in the component’s design will be caught quickly, rather than being caught post production.

Our plastic machined prototypes are of the highest quality with close tolerances.  Simple or complex parts are welcomed for fast plastic prototyping, and free application engineering is available.  Since drawings have already been provided when prototyping moving these plastic machined parts to production is quick and easy.

For more information on EPP’s custom plastic prototype capabilities CLICK HERE

For information about EPP’s plastic machining production capabilities CLICK HERE

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