Plastic Machining: Get Parts Fast With EPP’s Expanded Capacity

Need plastic machined components fast?- EPP has the solution

Often times projects that require plastic machined parts can be given the green light at the last minute.  A time crunch does not need to put you in a bind.  Increased efficiency levels have led to EPP’s expanded capacity. Delivery times are as low as 2 weeks for customers in need of fast turnaround times.

Efficiency levels at EPP have always been high however, we are always active in further improving. Over the past 3 years, a combination of both research and thorough analysis of our current production processes has led to changes resulting in further increases in productivity.

If you need a fast turnaround don’t hesitate to take advantage of our expanded capacity. As America’s Premier Plastic Machining Supplier, we guarantee on-time delivery, and provide you with 100% quality dock-to-stock.