Plastic Machining: Free, Helpful Tools in Selecting Plastic Machined Component Materials

All plastic materials are not created equal. When having custom plastic machined parts produced, it is crucial to select the appropriate materials in order for the plastic machined components to meet desired specifications and performance requirements.  In order to simplify the process of selecting the appropriate plastic material for your machined plastic parts, EPP Corporation offers a free Plastic Properties Handbook and Plastic Machining Design Guide.

How to Use the Design Guide

  1. Refer to the Design Considerations at the bottom of this page. Consider whether each item on the checklist is a factor in the application or affects performance requirements for the component design.
  2. Select the categories that have the greatest affect on your application.
  3. Review the materials in the Plastic Properties Handbook and make a list of possible material candidates.
  4. Contact our technical support to discuss options or ask additional questions.

Custom Plastic Machined Components

Plastic Machining Design Considerations

  • Thermosensitivity – tolerance can change in different temperature conditions
  • Sensitivity to humidity and hygroscopic absorption affects tolerance
  • Sensitivity to chemicals and oils
  • Notch sensitive corners and square ID’s
  • Tolerances
  • High loads
  • High impact
  • Fatigue loading or cycle loading requires consideration of flexing, deflecting, and compression
  • Temperature – max/min extent of time
  • Electrical considerations such as insulating properties
  • Wear resistance or abrasion resistance
  • Dimensional shape retention (load, cold flow, temperature)
  • Regulatory requirements (FDA, UL, etc.)
  • Appearance (color, texture)
  • Optical requirements
  • Outdoor use

Now that you’ve identified the important factors in your application, evaluate material specs in the Plastic Properties Handbook and select your material!


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    The book has all the information needed when selecting a material for different applications. thank you for providing such a valuable resource

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  • We make a wide variety of subsea valves, systems, and manifolds for the oil and gas industry. Some of our parts are high pressure, high temperature seal assemblies as well as misc. machined / cast parts. I am interested in your guide and capabilities.

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      On the top right menu, there is a hotlink in order to download our plastic properties handbook. After filling out and submitting the short form, the download will begin.

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