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America’s premier plastic machining supplier manufactures high precision custom plastic machined parts specializing in the instrumentation, aerospace, medical, fluid handling, semiconductors, and military industries

Capabilities: fast plastic prototypes, CNC milling, CNC lathe, plastic screw machining, custom plastic manifolds

“EPP is our TOP supplier for plastic machining needs. Response time and customer service are impeccable! Pam, Joe and Ned are professionals and it shows in everything they do…!”

Materials Manager, Aerospace manufacturer

Description & Properties of FLUOROSINT

Flourosint 500 PTFE: This material has nine times greater resistance to deformation under load than unfilled PTFE.

  • Coefficient of linear thermal expansion is close to the rate of aluminum that often eliminates fit and clearance issues
  • Low frictional properties
  • Non-abrasive to most materials

Flurorosint 207 PTFE: Very high dimensional stability and creep resistance.

  • White color
  • Great for FDA regulated applications
  • Non-permeable in steam
  • Wear rate is 1/20th the rate of PTFE below 300° F

Flurorsint HVP:

  • FDA compliant
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Unmatched bearing performance

Fluorosint MT-01:

  • Excellent resistance to deformation
  • Good wear resistance, very dimensionally stable

Common Plastic Parts Made From FLUOROSINT

Fluorosint 500 PTFE

  • Abradable seals
  • Transmission and power steering seal rings

Fluorosint 207 PTFE

  • Cams
  • Medical components
  • Nozzles
  • Pads

Fluorosint HVP

  • High performance bearings and seals
  • Custom parts where higher loads and minimal wear is required

Fluorosint MT-01

  • Extreme service seals and wear rings
  • Custom parts that require elevated temperature, strength and stability

Featured Industries That Utilize FLUOROSINT