Plastic Machining: Engineering Help From Experts For Plastic Machining and Plastic Prototypes

A plastic machining expert can provide several advantages that a typical vendor cannot. From a true plastic machining expert comes years of experience and expertise. Through our 35 years of experience and expertise in custom plastic machining manufacturing at EPP, we are able to extend our hand to customers in regards to engineering assistance.

We are equipped to offer plastic machining production (cnc milling, cnc lathe, screw machining, custom plastic manifolds), as well as fast plastic prototypes, along with  engineering assistance.  Our full engineering assistance is available for both custom plastic machined component and fast plastic prototype customers.

At EPP Corp. we can help with:

-Free application engineering
Free Design Guide for Plastic Machining
Free Plastic Materials Handbook
Helpful Articles
-Pre Production Quantities
-High quality and a reliable source for production quantities

If you’re working on a project that involves any custom plastic machined parts, or new products that require fast plastic prototypes, the best thing you can do is simply contact us! Email your drawings to or just give us a call with any questions. We will help you find the ideal material and manufacturing method for your application.

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